Install Android Studio on Ubuntu

This article basically written as a reminder for myself about how to install Android Studio in Ubuntu. The easiest way is using Ubuntu Software Application, but this option may not be an updated version. So if you want to install an updated one, download it on the website. We will get a *.tar.gz file and for several person, installing *.tar.gz application is hard. So this article will guide how to install an Android Studio tar.gz file on Ubuntu.

Java Installed

Make sure you have Java installed on your PC. When we install Intellij or Android Studio we will be ask for Java folder location, and by default they have already prepared if we don’t have Java yet. But if you have specific version to use, so you have to install it by yourself.

For recommendation, install Java before IDE. Otherwise, you will need to setting it up after Android Studio installation.

Download Android Studio

Easy, go to the website and download. You will have a *tar.gz file. Then go to the folder where you put the downloaded file. Then open terminal and point to this location.

Installing Android Studio

Extracting *.tar.gz file is hard for several person. Because we need to do it via terminal. So in the terminal, type this

sudo tar -xvzf android-studio-ide-{version}-linux.tar.gz

Then give permission for the folder

sudo chmod -R 777 android-studio

Run Android Studio

Go to bin folder, and execute

cd android-studio/bin


Create a Desktop Launcher

Be default we can run Android Studio using previous step, but we have another option. We will create a desktop launcher so we can easily launch it via Application List or even put it on Favorite Bar.

Create a file, let’s name it android-studio.desktop and put below code

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android Studio
Exec="/home/me/Documents/ANDROID_SDK/android-studio/bin/" %f

Save and put or copy android-studio.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/. Now we can easily run Android Studio.

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